Design selected for JD Hardie Youth & Community Hub shade structures

Published: Tuesday, 23 February 2021 at 1:37:02 PM

The design entitled ‘Marapikurrinya’ by Hedland based artist Bobbi Lockyer has been selected as the winning entry of the JD Hardie Youth and Community Hub public art competition.  
The design, selected for its creativity, originality and meaning, will be translated into perforated dots on future shade structures alongside the JDHYCH’s outer multiuse sports courts.  
In December 2020, the Town called for design submissions as part of a commitment to spend at least 2% of project costs on public art provision. Six submissions were received in total, with judging taking place on Wednesday, 6 January. The judging panel consisted of Lee Furness, the Town’s Director of Infrastructure and Town Services; Elisa Trifunoski, The Junction Co. Curator and Laura Hawes, the Town’s Manager Corporate Affairs. 
Mayor Peter Carter said the Town was committed to delivering public art as part of large scale infrastructure projects.
“I’d like to congratulate Bobbi for her winning entry as part of the JD Hardie Youth & Community Hub public art competition.
“Ms Lockyer’s design was selected due to its expression of Hedland’s identity, which will weave storytelling throughout the site’s multiuse sports courts and landscapes, becoming a part of Hedland’s built environment for generations to come. 
“The design will form an integral part of the site’s shade structures, which will provide important sun protection once they’re constructed”.


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